While growing up, children need the best form of nutrients to develop their minds and bodies. When they are given the best care in the formative years, it gives the long-term effect of improved skills, productivity and abilities as well as good health in their lifetime. 

Superfoods are foods, mostly plants and seafood, that are rich in nutrients and low in calories. They are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for their growth and protection. 

Constantly eating a balanced diet is important for the growth for all of us, but for very young children, it holds more importance. Many of the healthier foods may not be enjoyable for children, but some of them can very well be. 

Here are 5 of them which you can incorporate into your child’s diet that they will actually enjoy eating: 

Sweet Potato

This root vegetable is a rich source of Vitamin C, fibre, potassium and beta-carotene (an antioxidant that may protect against cancer.) It doesn’t contain any fat and their sweet flavour can appeal to the tastebuds of children. 

As sweet as they are, they do not increase blood sugar as much as you may think and they may actually be helpful for blood sugar control.  

Sweet potatoes may help with immune function, prevent several chronic diseases, promote skin and bone health and development. 

Quick Tip: Air fry sweet potatoes in thin layers to serve as a mid-day snack for the kids.  


This fruit is rich in healthy fats which help to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It is also great-tasting and versatile. It contains Vitamin C, E, B6 and Zinc which will boost their immunity and reduce risk of diseases. 

It also helps with externally with the development of the skin and teeth, and internally, bones, muscle and heart. 

In childhood obesity, it may help with weight loss as it helps one feel fuller for longer. 

Quick Tip: Mash up an avocado and put it in place of butter in their salads and sandwiches. 


Rich in probiotics, yoghurt is associated with health benefits like reduced blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, anti-inflammatory benefits and improved digestion. It also reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, bone disease and brain development, which children in formative years absolutely need. 

For lactose-intolerant children, it is an excellent replacement for milk and is good for digestion. It is best to use unsweetened yoghurt to get full benefits.

Quick Tip: Use yoghurt as the base of their daily breakfast cereal, in place of milk.


Also known as groundnuts, they can serve as a healthy addition to the meals of growing children as they are packed with healthy fats and vitamins. Peanuts can help in boosting their memory and moods, as well as help regulate blood sugar and help them maintain a healthy weight. 

Other nuts and seeds like almonds, pecans, hazelnut, cashew nuts provide similar advantages. These are an underrated source of nutrients for growing children. They also love eating peanut butter so you could always incorporate it in their meals. 

Quick Tip: Sprinkle crushed nuts on chilled, unsweetened yoghurt to serve as a nutritious, tasty snack for your kids. They’d love it!  

Red Grapes 

Simply delicious and highly nutritious, red grapes contain resveratrol and quercetin which may reduce the risk of heart diseases, and protect against other diseases like cancer. 

Their skins are also a great source of fibre which keeps the digestive tract healthy and prevents constipation which tends to happen with children. 

Quick Tip: Layer grapes, apples, nuts and yoghurt to make a healthy, filling and great-tasting breakfast parfait. 

The habit of healthy eating should start from the early years and it has been proven that maintaining a healthy diet is one of the secrets to leading a long life protected from diseases.  

The earlier one can start, the better.

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