At myPharmacy, we always ensure that there is constant improvement in the value proposition and services rendered by our clients and pharmacies. For this reason, we partnered with DOT Glasses to improve eye health in our immediate communities by providing affordable prescription eyeglasses in the community pharmacy.

DOT Glasses is a Czech company that has developed a radical solution to address the needs of the world’s 1 billion people that are visually impaired but have no access to prescription eyeglasses. There are two components to the solution: one-size-fits-all eyeglass frames with a constrained lens program; and a radically simplified testing solution. The two elements together provide the lowest end-to-end eyeglass costs, as well as reducing the need for vision care specialists.

DOT Glasses are designed to improve the eyesight of the underprivileged people in Nigeria. Even though these people are suffering from basic refractive errors, they do not have the funds, geographical access, or sufficient awareness to procure glasses from the traditional channels. DOT Glasses are designed to address this white space, combining low-cost, high-quality, simple vision care solution with Partner’s strong distribution network in the underprivileged areas.

myPharmacy serves to provide pharmacies and end-users with DOT Glasses, ensuring that the pharmacists are trained and equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to promote the use of these glasses.

In this one-day training, held on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, we came together to ensure our pharmacists have the skills in vision screening and glasses assembly, as well as eye care knowledge. With over 20% of Nigerians dealing with visual impairment, we understand the importance of eye health and decided to work with this partnership to improve access to genuine and affordable healthcare.

With DOT Glasses. patients and clients now have direct access to prescription eyeglasses in the pharmacy. They get tested in-store and get the glasses immediately.

Our CEO, Abimbola Adebakin, introducing the DOT Glasses X myPharmacy partnership
The DOT Glasses Team training our pharmacists on Visual Screening and Tests

This is one of the multiple ways that we are working and collaborating to improve access to healthcare across Nigeria, and we are committed to doing so, every step of the way.

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