We leverage on our global network of trusted suppliers, to supply your quality and affordable medicines and health commodities, in an efficient and cost-effective manner, while offering you expert advice on procurement patterns and decisions.


Our partnership with logistics companies enables us to deliver medicines and health supplies to your doorstep in a timely manner.

Inventory Management

Stock count and management, inventory analysis as well as expert advice on waste control measures in your pharmacy.

Finance & Control

Provision of financial assistance, including loans, to franchisees as part of the working capital, bookkeeping as well as financial analysis

People Development

Address the professional and operational skill gaps of your team through our blended (offline and online) management and technical trainings, delivered by bespoke facilitators and customised to your pharmacy’s needs


Brand positioning and pharmacy layout are critical for our franchise pharmacies. Our franchise pharmacies enjoy the myPharmacy brand strength, which comes with clientele loyalty. This will be effectively utilized via offline and online platforms to drive leads and enhance sales.


Gain improved market access through our allied products/services and partners, sales pattern analysis as well as below the line marketing.

After Sales

Gain access to expert Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loyalty programmes as well as After Sales SOP monitoring and implementation.

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