The PMS is a pre-paid, customized-to-need service that provides business solutions and management support to pharmacy owners who desire seamless business operations, revenue growth, business sustainability. We offer business solutions and support covering the 8 points in the community pharmacy value chain, driven by the Territory Management Team and backed by the support of the operational team at myPharmacy.

Service Categories

Brand Inclusion & Development Services

Perfect for pharmacy owners who want to benefit from a strong network with full marketing support and brand equity. This focuses on solutions that help increase sales/revenue, optimize the performance of your employees and build a strong database of loyal and engaged clients.

Internal Process & Control Services
  • Inventory Management Services
  • Finance & Control Services
  • Procurement & Logistics Services

Ideal for business leaders who desire seamless operations with the ability and processes to promote stability and scale. It covers your inventory management, bookkeeping and procurement. With this service, you can manage multiple branches without stress.

Sales & Business Performance Services
  • People Development Services
  • Sales Services
  • After Sales Services
Solution for pharmacies that desire to tap into the full potential of revenue generation and for optimum performance of their people. This bundle is for pharmacy owners who want to be part of a strong brand, build a reputable name and maintain business sustainability and longevity.

PMS Bouquets

Business Partner Service

Do you:

  • Work outside the community pharmacy but own a pharmacy?
  • Lack time to manage your business?
  • Plan to retire but still retain your pharmacy?
  • Reside outside the country and need or have an
    established pharmacy in Nigeria?
  • Wish to travel or need more time for family or other interests?


Business Partner Service

  • Become a member of an Independent Franchise Chain, with your name prominenly featuring on a unified signage
  • We come in as a management partner, overseeing the operations of your business from end-to-end
  • Our full management of the business, on your behalf covers the 8-value chain in a community pharmacy
  • Benefits include peace-of-mind and assurance over your business
  • This will give you greater capacity to seek growth and expansion opportunities for your investment
  • We will deploy products and technical support to grow your sales, stabilise your operations and ensure profitability of the business

Member Support Service

Do you:
  • Do you need operational support to build business stability without breaking the bank?
  • Do you need effective strategies to reduce pilferage, improve sales and ensure efficient business processes?
  • Do you want to work with industry consultants who can take your business from its current position to its desired destination?


Partner Service

  • Become an affiliate member without the unified branding
  • This fit is for pharmacy owners who want to have access to benefits of the group on a scheduled/ ‘as-the-need-arises’ basis?
  • This solution is for members that desire support on a periodic basis. This will be a consulting arrangement when you request support.
  • Your business will have access to the bouquet of best practices and technical support that you can call upon when your business requires it.

Performance Support Service

Are you:
  • Are you in need of a community of thriving and trailblazing pharmacies to help you elevate your game in the industry?
  • Are you in need of business clarity for your pharmacy?
  • Are you in need of brand visibility, growth and expansion?


Performance Support Service

  • Become a member of an Independent Franchise Chain, with your name prominently featuring on a unified signage
  • We are keen to support owner-managed community pharmacies, as their performance support technical partner.
  • We understand that owners may have their strength in one aspect of business management while seeking support on some other levels.
  • This gives you the flexibility to subscribe to individual services as needed. Simultaneously, you are still a part of the franchise, bearing the brand name and enjoying the benefits of a large network.
  • Bearing the brand name grants you visibility, goodwill, exposure while developing brand trust and loyalty.