The Boss Remains You

You are in control of your business, with an assigned team to provide Pharmacy Management Solutions in your pharmacy. Our team of experts will handhold you through efficient and smart decision-making, proper supervision and efficient resource utilisation, for profitability and sustainability. 

Strong Brand and Customer Base

A major advantage of franchising is the brand strength, which comes with clientele loyalty. This will be effectively utilized via offline and online platforms to drive leads and enhance sales.

Access to Full Management Support & Oversight

As a franchise, you will gain access to the all the services under our pharmacy management bouquet, as we shall oversee end-to-end management of your pharmacy.

Reduced Risk with Growth and Expansion

Standing on the power of numbers, strong business ethics and a larger network, your pharmacy will see continue to excel. You also run less risk of owning your pharmacy business alone and you will be invited to invest safely in new outlets across the country.

Access to Regulatory Support & Oversight

As a franchisee, you shall bear the myPharmacy name. We shall therefore be responsible for regulatory compliance for your pharmacy.

Access to Market Research, New Products & Partnerships

Each franchisee has access to the models, products, services, frameworks and partnerships to improve operations, maximize sales and enrich the service offerings in their pharmacy.

Access To Proprietary Methods

You have unhindered access to curated methodology for trade that has been and will be used to increase sales, optimise service delivery and redefine your processes.

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