Am I qualified to become a myPharmacy franchisee?

The basic requirement is to have a licensed premises and registered superintendent pharmacist.

Provide a guarantor of good standing in the society – Proof of ability to cover rent, staff salaries, utilities and other costs of running the pharmacy. Where such is not available, a plan must be in place to ensure the pharmacy is a going concern and a case by case assessment will be done to ascertain this.

How much does it cost to be a part of myPharmacy?

Ordinarily, as with all franchise models, entry fees are applicable.

However, the first 100 franchise pharmacies will join at NO FEE as a reward for being an early adopter.

Annual franchise fee, which is 5% of gross revenue, paid monthly, provides in-pharmacy support, operational and management tool maintenance and updates, category and space management updates, and systems maintenance.

Is this a lifelong commitment?

Usually, franchise models require long contracts of up to 10 years.

For myPharmacy, we have decided to shelve this for the first 100 franchise pharmacies that sign on. There will be no joining fees and free exit (hopefully, you will not see any reason to leave.)

As a franchisee, who has control of the business?

The franchisee retains control, however the pharmacy will trade under the myPharmacy brand and there are other contractual commitments.

Will I have to change my Pharmacy’s name?

myPharmacy will be the primary brand. However, we will incorporate the existing Pharmacy name on the signage.

Where are the pharmacies located?

Our wings are spread across over three geological zones in Nigeria with over 40 stores in 8 states and we are ever-growing.

If I am not yet ready to be a franchisee, what benefits can I get from myPharmacy?

You can be an associate of the myPharmacy network. To do so, simply write a mail to with your details and we will activate you automatically. You will get access to the following:

– Basic version of BOAZ and Business Intelligence reports

 – Group purchasing (No limit & no minimum)

– Some market access programs

Looking for a specific location?

Find the store here (link to store locator)

Can I shop online?

Yes, you can! Through our online pharmacy, , you can speak with a pharmacist,  order and refill your medicines, and have them delivered swiftly to you anywhere in Nigeria.