• Employee Referral Scheme Policy

    1. Introduction
    Advantage Health Africa Limited (AHA) is always looking for talented people.
    Research has shown that employee referrals continue to be a top source for
    hires. The company has therefore considered adopting an Employee Referral

  • 2. Objective
    To encourage employees to refer contacts in their professional and social
    network to vacant positions thereby boosting employee morale and
    To reduce hiring costs, improve employee engagement and candidate
    Deepening the pipeline of potential applicants and increasing the rate of
    retention for new hires.

  • 3. Scope
    This policy outlines the terms and conditions of referrals for all vacancies in
    Advantage Health Africa and its subsidiaries (myPharmacy and mymedicines.com) including exemptions and processes.

  • 4. Terms and conditions
    i. Referrals can be made for all approved and advertised vacant
    positions of AHA and its subsidiaries on:
    • Full time positions / Permanent roles
    • Contract role with a length of service of more than 6 months
    ii. These roles are subject to the standard probationary period as
    stipulated in their contract.
    iii. There is no limit to the number of referrals per employee.
    iv. All rewards paid to the referring employee will be made via
    payroll and subject to relevant tax.
    v. Only referrals successful for the job, and upon successful
    probationary period will applicable for reward.

  • 5. Exemptions
    The aim is to apply this scheme to as many employees as possible,
    however there are some exclusions:
    i. Ex-employees, ex-contractors, ex-temps
    ii. Any employee who could influence or affect the decision of
    the fair referral process
    iii. Employees involved in the hiring process of the specific role
    being filled
    iv. Employees hiring for people who will be reporting to them, or
    working directly with them
    v. Contractors
    vi. Temps

  • 6. Amount of reward for successful referral
    Financial reward (subject to tax) will be awarded accordingly:
    Level Positions Reward (N)
    Level 1 Admin roles, HCA
    Level 2 HCA/ Auxillary Nurse
    and other nonprofessional positions
    in the pharmacy
    PMT Officer, etc.
    Level 3 Senior level positions –
    PMT Lead,
    Head of teams, etc.
    The line manager and referring employee will be informed by HR of
    the agreed financial reward based on the above criteria.
  • 7. Payment
    i. Payment will be made to the referring employee upon a
    successful probation period of the new employee.
    ii. The payment will be made on the month after the date of
    probation completion.
    8. Referral process (how to refer)
    i. Your referral must click on any of the vacancies to apply for the
    position on the company’s website, social media platforms,
    ii. Your referral must indicate in the email application that this is a
    referral and enter your full name in the email message.
    iii. Your referral must apply through the recruitment platform;
    iv. HR receives the email and records the referring employee
    name/s for the relevant application.
    v. Payment will be processed via payroll
    Please note that AHA reserves the right to withhold payment and the
    policy may be reviewed from time to time at the discretion of
    Effective date:
    May 2020