An interactive in-store service providing real-time, detailed video consultation from a doctor and follow-up services as needed. This service is provided in collaboration with Doctor Dey.

BREAST-i screening

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and thankfully, early detection is key. The BREAST-I device is efficient in checking for abnormal tissues and spotting potential tumors/ lesions in the breast effectively- and in only a couple of minutes in-store.

Blood Sugar Monitoring

This procedure tells the amount of glucose in the blood. It is a means to diagnose prediabetes or diabetes, detect its progression and indicate the need for lifestyle changes. We use a glucometer to get these results and monitor your progress.

ECG Test

The Electrocardiogram (ECG) test is an important tool used in detecting signs of a heart disease. It provides information about the electrical function of the heart.

Pharmaceutical Care

At myPharmacy, we work to ensure optimal patient therapy, and improve the overall quality of life of our patients.

Medication Refill

Never run out of your drugs again, as we provide refill services to fit your timeline and regimen, sending you reminders and providing delivery services through our online platform, as you require.

Rational Dispensing

We practice and promote cogent use of medication and only give you medication, device and knowledge that avail you of the best health.


Do you have a prescription for a compounded medication? Our clinical team will compound the medication in minutes. Reach out to for all your compounding needs.

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